You have a big job ahead…

Early Stage Founders & CEOs need to accelerate their growth and confidently execute in spite of the unique challenges facing high growth startups

I Coach Startup Founders To Reach Their Potential…

Building a startup is more than just “Hard“…it’s superhuman.

As the Founder/CEO, it falls on you to:

... develop and sell your vision a team, cultivate partners, and engage investors

... craft strategies and lead the execution

... separate priorities from distractions

... be a leader

Series A+ founders have the benefit of expensive coaches. Sometimes from their VCs.

Shouldn't the same benefit be available for early stage founders?

I help founders achieve specific, concrete objectives…

“Tony- Big, Huge thank you for everything you did for me and Wepow.  You definitely helped me get through a tough time personally and in the life of Wepow. Couldn’t have gotten the company to a place where we could be acquired without you!

Working with Tony was one of the critical catalysts to saving my business. His experience as a seasoned CEO advisor helped him determine my strengths and weaknesses as a CEO. Like many CEOs, I found myself pulled in a million different directions and almost everything seemed critical, needing my attention immediately. 

Tony helped me to identify areas for improvement and helped me create the habits to make that happen. I’d recommend him to any early stage CEO or executive team looking for strategic or operational help.

Imo Udom

Founder/CEO, WePow

Founder Coaching will improve your skills around:

Market and situational analysis

Personal and business clarity

Decision making

Managing growth

Getting unstuck and creating momentum

Communications & storytelling

Planning and strategic thinking

Leading and developing a team

Balancing startup demands and relationships

Why work with me?

I’ve been on all sides of the startup  ecosystem, so I know how difficult it is to start, fund, and scale a company. I’ve been a founder, an investor, and an operations gun-for-hire for early stage companies.  

I was lamenting to a friend awhile back about the things that I wish I’d had when I first got started.  That list included:

  • An experienced guide that could help me avoid “rookie mistakes”
  • A confidante/advisor that could operate in the shadows
  • Any sort of roadmap on how to become investable
  • Access to a warm network of investors and to the way investors think
  • Someone to help me be focused on execution and accountable to my timeline
  • A mentor who’d help accelerate my learning curve
  • Someone who could help me become an effective CEO on my timeline

After my own startup successes, I could start another company or I could help dozens succeed building their companies. It’s a simple choice. I coach because I love working with founders and contributing to their success.

My role is to help you develop as a Founder/CEO

As a first time founder with a business background, I was still struggling with how to move my business along.  Tony helped me clarify my vision and has been an excellent sounding board for my many questions and ideas.

He’s a straight shooter and has been great at guiding me through this entrepreneurial maze and asking me the tough questions before I’m faced with a dead-end decision.

I was surprised by his ability to guide me through some tough decisions without telling me how it should be done – he has led me to find my own answers that are right for me and my business.

I always look forward to our calls.

Natasha Prose

Founder/CEO, CALC

Could coaching be one of your competitive advantages?

Is Founder Coaching right for you?


Founders leverage available resources to help to improve their chances of succeeding.  Coaching might be a great resource for you IF…

You feel like you or your company aren't as far along as you'd hoped

You don't have frequent access to experienced founders who can help you learn efficiently

You're not getting the investor response you were hoping for and don't know why

You don't want to waste time making obvious and avoidable mistakes

You'd like help developing into the leader you know you can be

I help unlock your potential…

“Tony is much more than a coach: he is a mentor, advocate and genuine partner in helping his clients achieve their goals. Since we began regular sessions, I’ve seen tangible improvements in all aspects of my life, both personal and professional. I have recommended Tony to my closest friends with the full belief that they are in the best possible hands.”

Andrew Jeffery

Founder/CEO, Millfork Advisors

I regularly rave about working with Tony to my friends and peers.  He’s always there to listen, but never fails to hold you accountable for your work toward your goals. The result is clear progress toward achieving both short-term and long-term goals.   

I didn’t expect a third party who does not work in my industry to be able to relate or understand my challenges as well as Tony has. His ability to quickly identify critical issues is above and beyond what I expected.”

Alison W.


The best coaches that I ever had were always straight-shooters. They would tell me what I “needed” to hear, not what I wanted to hear. Tony will tell you what you need to hear. The more I work with Tony, the more he becomes one of my most trusted advisors.

Tony doesn’t waste a second of your time. He keeps you focused on what’s most important to move your business forward. Every session I have with him I leave with more confidence that I can accomplish my goals.

Jamar Johnson

Founder/CEO, CBL

“You can try to do it all yourself or you can work with someone who has already dealt with startup challenges and can accelerate your progress.”

Send me a brief note and we’ll schedule a free call to see if there’s a fit.

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